Shenzhen Westart Technology Co., Ltd.

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NCM Batteries

Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese

- Compact

- Lightweight

- High Power Capability

- High Energy Density

- Easy Assembly


LFP Batteries

Different Sizes

There are several sizes of prismatic NCM automotive battery modules. From 5.5Ah to 230Ah per cell, Westart covers a big range of applications.

Westart also produces a 30Ah pouch cell with high power and cycle life capabilities, packed in different size stainless steel containers.


The Product

Westart concentrates on the automotive market now and the battery modules all come with perfect quality, produced on fully automated manufacturing lines.


Lithium Iron Phosphate

- Prismatic cell 305Ah with high power charging and high cylce life. A new chemisty also allows charging at temperatures under 0°C.


on request:

- LFP pouch cell in metal casing for high energy or high power


LTO Batteries

Lithium Titanate Oxide

on request:

- Pouch Cell in Metal Casing

- High Power Capacity

- Fast Charge Capability

- Longest Cycle Life

Different Sizes

Based on a 20Ah cell, Westart can make different modules. This is not a standard product, but can be made on request.