Lithium Battery for Cars, Busses, Trucks, Boats, Motorbikes and Storage

electric dumper by eMining AG
battery stacks assembly
16 battery stacks form one battery


Conversion of a conventional diesel powered dumper into a full electric dumper. In this project, 1536 modules 125Ah were used. 24 modules form a 2p12s stack, 16 stacks form a battery. There are a total of 4 batteries with together 700kWh.

The unique application makes this the first Plus+Energy vehicle: It produces more energy than it needs for driving! It carries rocks downhill and drives empty uphill.

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Replacement of a 24V100Ah LiFePo4 Battery from a small serial production EV

with a 24V200Ah NCM Battery.

14 x 100Ah Modules in 2p7s configuration are connected with threaded bars M8. On the top we assembled a BMS, the fuse and a hall current sensor.