Automotive 4s, 6s, 12s and 24s Modules

The VDA Modules include BMS wiring and 2 temp sensors. Cooling can be made from the bottom.



Westart developed a 24s 75Ah module. Just 4 units are needed to make a 400V battery. The module has a 3000 cycle life and a very high charging speed of up to 2C naturally cooled or 3C with a proper water cooling. These modules are used for hybrid cars but also for high power 800V applications.

Get the datasheet.



Westart developed a 24s 5.5Ah module for micro hybrid applications. It has a 28000 cycle life. Peak discharge rate is up to 60C! Get the datasheet.





24 cells 75Ah in series.

The perfect choice for small cars with a 400V system.

Just 4 of this modules are needed to get 26kWh of energy.

The high power capability of the cell allows for fast charging and discharging.

The module was developed for hybrid cars. Therefore it has a 50% increased cycle life compared to the Westart VDA modules.

24 cells 5,5Ah in series.

This module was developed for mild hybrid systems that would also need a high voltage.

With 4 modules and just under 2kWh you can power a 400V system with up to 320A or about 100kW for 10 seconds. The typical operation window is 30% to 70% SOC. 

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